‘The experience of working with Sylvaine is much like the finished product: inspiring and unexpected, but above all, memorable.’

I was born in France, spent my early years in North Africa, before returning to live in Britanny, Nice and Paris.

I moved to London twenty years ago, where I worked for many years in studios or on locations around the world, before settling on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, and opening La Shed photographic studio.

I photograph most things, but I love people most – I studied sculpture at art school in France which probably explains why.

The most important thing is to have fun with people and for them to enjoy being photographed. I think it changes their image, their look, and that’s when you see them at their most natural.

There is a lot of spontaneity in my pictures, because I see that as the real challenge – to make something fabulous happen at the last minute, so most pictures are a response to the person and the situation.

I also like quantity on a shoot, partly the rhythm of taking many pictures, but mainly because I think you are creating something with someone and each shot is a step on the way to the finished piece. That’s where the best work comes from.

To discuss your ideas or to book time in our studio in Norfolk please drop me an email or call me on 07771 676722.
I really look forward to talking with you. Sylvaine Poitau

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